Maxine Clarke - Allied Enablement Support Worker Careers

Swapping Cameras for Rubber Gloves: Maxine’s Story

Maxine Clarke, Enablement Care Worker at our branch in Basildon, Essex, is fast approaching her one-year anniversary with Allied and her first year working in social care.

Her journey to working in the industry has been far from straightforward; having worked for the same company since leaving college, Maxine was put in a position that she would never have imagined.

“After working as a Daily Press Photographer for the Echo Newspaper for over 36 years, I was suddenly and unexpectedly made redundant. I found myself at a crossroad.

“All I knew was that I wanted to try something different – something more challenging and rewarding.”

Maxine decided to swap photographic assignments for the delivery of life-changing assistance to vulnerable customers and applied for a role with our Essex Enablement team.

“After being interviewed and attending a one-week training programme, I was out in the field shadowing the branch’s fantastic Care Coaches. The whole experience gave me some valuable insights into what the job involved and whether or not I was suitable for the position.

“Experiences from my first week as a Carer included; mislaying my car after my tenth visit of the day, which I’m sure gave the ladies in the office a good giggle and the next day having to react to a customer who was having a cardiac arrest. It was intense, to say the least, but the support available from my colleagues and managers was incredible and gave me a huge amount of confidence.”

Fortunately for Maxine, the skills she developed in her long career as a successful reportage photographer within the local community were well-suited to her new role as a Carer.

“I feel that my skills and experiences, carried over from my previous career, have put me in good stead to deal with the unexpected situations that I face in supporting customers to regain their independence.”

Now for the most important question: was it the right decision?

“I love my job, and never envisaged just how rewarding it could be to work in care. My days are balanced by a sense of fulfilment and pride, especially when I see the genuine thanks on the faces of my customers and hear their kind words.

“My transition has been made all the more comfortable with the continual help and support from my Reablement Delivery Manager, Joshua Ward, and fellow team members Sarah, Emma, Denise, and Ria to name but a few.”

“I am so pleased that I chose Allied and look forward to continuing my career here.”

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