Branch roles

Providing local support to our Carers

While our customers rely on our huge team of Carers, our Carers rely on the support of our local Branch teams. At over 100 branches, our colleagues manage home visits, provide quality support, keep things running smoothly and help our Carers stay up-to-date with their training.

Our Branch teams offer many different opportunities. Here are the main roles you’ll find in our branches:

Branch Manager

Leading, developing and managing the office team and our local Care Workers, our Branch Managers enjoy many responsibilities. They recruit new colleagues. They make sure Carers stay up-to-date with their training and development. And they keep on top of the finances, managing budgets and looking after our growth and profitability.

Care Coordinator

Supporting our Branch Managers, our Care Coordinators manage and supervise all of the Care Workers at the branch. They help to meet the needs of our customers through effective rostering and fully utilising colleague hours. As well as improving carer communications and engagement, they make sure we comply with legislation and maintain the high standards we set ourselves.

Care Scheduler

It takes great planning to optimise Carer routes and visit allocations. Which is where our talented Care Schedulers come in. They create, distribute and confirm rotas with Carers every week within the parameters set out by our Care Delivery Manager. Our branches simply can’t operate without them.


Passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated, our Trainers deliver our introductory training programme to our Carers so they can provide high quality care to our customers.

They also support Carers and Branch teams by providing ongoing training. They deliver a wide range of courses to make sure our colleagues achieve the potential and our branches can continually improve their performance and meet our legislative requirements.

What do we look for in our Branch team?

People who thrive in a fast-moving environment and can keep the wheels turning even when the pressure is on. Well organised and a good communicator, you should also be able to use a computer and have experience of co-ordinating and managing diverse teams of people.

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