Introducing Our All New Engagement Forums

As a business we rely on thousands of incredible Carers, supported by Branch and Head Office colleagues, to deliver over 10 million hours of life-changing care every year.

Our NEW Engagement Forums give all of those valuable employees a fantastic opportunity to influence the way we operate and communicate, by providing valuable input for discussion at Regional and National Forums – whether it’s general feedback for the business, a suggestion on how you think we can work more effectively, or something that you’d like to ask the Senior Management Team.

Most importantly, there will be a commitment to improve what matters to our employees.

So how will it all work? Well let’s say that you have something to say…Perhaps you have a suggestion on how we can improve call scheduling within the business:

  1. Tell your representative!
  • Each branch will have two representatives – one for the branch’s Carer population and another for branch staff.
  1. Your rep will then put that feedback forward at the Monthly Regional Forum.
  • This forum will be made up of the reps for carers and branches in your region, along with the region’s HR Business Partner and Director.
  1. It could even be escalated to the Senior Management Team!
  • If your feedback can’t be actioned at that level, or is deemed to be applicable to the wider business then the regional Carer rep will take it forward to the National Quarterly Forum, attended by; CEO, Luca Warnke; CFO, John Whitehead and Group HR Director, Jude Marriott.

Don’t miss out!

Join the conversation! Speak to your Branch or Line Manager, today.

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